Alpine flowers: on the trail of nature's secrets

Doesn't this happen to you too : We are hiking up a mountain, over alpine meadows, past roaring torrents, sometimes in shade of forests, sometimes in the open sunlight. We march on quietly.

It is early summer and the alpine flowers are in full bloom. We are amazed and thrilled. We are amazed, but we don't understand a whole lot. Not even the names of the most conspicuous flowers are known to us. It's a shame actually.

St.Anton am Arlberg with its valley location at 1300 meters above sea level is the perfect starting point for nature hikes to the immediate mountainous surroundings. In June and July the entire region is in bloom. And in July the entire region is in bloom. And in July the St.Anton am Arlberg Tourist Board offers free informative guided floral hikes with alpine hiking guide Adi Horngacher.

For these hikes you don't have to an enthusiastic mountain climber; all you need is to be in o.k. shape and to bring with you the love of the outdoors and the thrill of discovering the big and little wonders of the Arlberg's alpine flora. Slide shows at the Vallugasaal complement the tranquil adventure hikes.

As the hike progresses your knowledge is depended and strengthened. Adi Horngacher also shows his best pictures of lady's slippers and wild orchids, anemones and gentians, lampions and carline thistles, Turk's cap lilies and edelweiss. And then I'm certain you'll feel the same happen to you : We hike in the mountains with our eyes open wider. We see more and we not only see it, we also understand what we see. We can look behind the secrets of nature.

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