Hiking paradise at the Arlberg

St.Anton-Nasserein-Jakobusweg-St.Jakob (appr.2,5 hrs.)
From the pedestrian zone first to the Hotel Schwarzer Adler, then slightly uphill, to the right across the railway and right again, past the Pension Alpenheim into the district of Nasserein. Be fore the chapel you turn north and walk up to the bridge across the Schönbach. Crossing the steam will bring you to Jakobusweg, on which you turn right and walk downhill until you reach St.Jakob.

Planie-Erzherzog Eugen-Weg (appr. 2 hrs.)
Start off at the municipal office (Gemeindehaus) and walk to the church. Take the turning to the right 100 mtres behind the church, at the Hotel Arlberg, turn left after the Hauptschule, then continue throgh the subway under th emain road and across the Aubrücke. Then turn right and walk uphill, past the cemetry. After 200 metres turn left and follow which winds its way up to a roadway. After appr. five minutes you can choose between two options : either turn off the road into the footpath which leads further up or stay on the roadway until the crossing with Moostalweg and walk down Moostalweg into the valley to St.Anton

Holiday park-Mühltobelweg-Sonnenweg-toboggan hut (appr.3 hrs,) Cross the railway at the information office and turn right towards the holiday park after appr. 200 metres. Crossing the park along the Steißbach will take you to the swimming pool. Turn right there and follow the path right up to the last house (Krazy Kanguruh). Walk straight ahead on the footpath above the village until you get to the toboggan hut, where you will have to cross the lift track heading gently downhill. Continue across Alpine pastures and later on through a forest to the district of Nasserein in St.Anton.

Idyllic recreation area, located in Oberdorf, with the stylish Arlberg Kandahar Haus (built in 1912), which houses the skiing museum and the museum of local history and culture. The extensive park with its magnificent view of the surrounding mountains offers a variety of leisure activities : mini golf, fishing pond, curling rink, open-air chess, table tennis, children's playground, cafè and restaurant.

Rosannas gorge (appr. 2 hrs.)
Start off at the information office along the orad towards St.Christoph to the Rendlbahn valley station. Continue on the roadway along the Rosanna river and later on a slightly ascending footpath which leads through the Rosanna gorge. When you reach the Ferwall road, either turn left towards the artificial lake of Ferwall or turn right, back towards St.Anton.


Film Festival in St.Anton am Arlberg. Every year, in the second week of September, St.Anton am Arlberg is filled with mountain films. In the course of a week-long film festival, exciting and dramatically beautiful mountain and adventure films are presented. Latest productions stand shoulder-to-shoulder next to legendary classics, sophisticated documentaries next to alpine thrillers, international contributions next to films from the Arlberg region. In just a few years, Stefan König has succeeded in making the St.Anton am Arlberg film festival so famous that people are talking about it far beyond our local borders. This is certainly due to the fact that the history of mountain films is closely connected with the Arlberg region and with St.Anton am Arlberg in particular. Curious ? Then make a big X on your calendar for September. That is not only the best hiking season between Valluga and Patteriol, it's also the time for mountain films and one of the cultural high points in St. Anton am Arlberg.

Hiking bus
From July to September, a free bus will operate between the districts of St.Anton Nasserein-St.Jakob and Oberdorf, functioning as a shuttle bus to the Ferwall bus and the swimming pool. Another bus will be running from the Mooserkreuz corner (St.Anton North) to the Ferwall. For this bus a fee will be charged.

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