St. Anton : How to get there

Skiing and snowboarding are to the Arlberg in winter what mountain biking is to it in summer. A myriad of ideal bike paths offer tours for every ability level. From leisurely scenic tours to Ferwalltal to long and "grueling" uphill tours to alpine pastures and cottages-the basis for practicing this "21-gear" sport are perfect.

One of the highlights is the Arlberg Mountain Bike Trophy held every year in August. A competition for serious athletes as well as for hobby cyclists of all ages who are out for a good time. In 1998 200 participants came from eleven countries, including mountain bikers from South Africa, Australia and Lebanon mainly amateur cyclists because, after all, that's what the Mountain Bike Trophy in St.Anton am Arlberg is all about. Everyone who feels up to the challenge can participate.

The crowning event is the cross-country race : a highly demanding mountain bike race with an extreme incline and terrific downhill run. The fact that Belgian ex pro cyclist, Renè Martens, who aside from many international victories, also boasts wining a leg of the Tour de France, was "only" able to win second place in his group, more than clearly proves that this route is a tough one.

In addition to the great mountain race, St.Anton am Arlberg offers a parallel slalom and a Kids Trophy on this Trophy weekend. Up-and-coming cyclists between the ages of 6 and 15 master a terrific obstacle course and not only have to do this at top speed, but what's more important is to show their cycling skills.

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